Thursday, January 5, 2012

8 MORE DAYS!!! :)

Ooooookay! I'm so done with the DRAMA!!! hahahaha.... Hella Dramatic forreals!
Anyways- Things are coming along GREAT and the wedding is coming FAST!!! :)

I went in for my last fitting for my dress yesterday and my MAID OF HONOR/MY SISTER Tangi came :) I was sooooo happy she came! right when she walked in the door I was excited! :) We put everything on and then she just started snapping away with her phone of my dress!! :) The dress was so pretty and I looooove it! It's such a GORGEOUS DRESS and I can't wait to show it off!! ;) haha...NBFR! I only got one pic from my sister out of the many and it's of the BACK of my dress but I'll post more soon. If not, you'll just have to wait SEE it next Saturday!!! :)

Can't wait to see all of our families and friends!! That's all for now! we come baby!! :)