Wednesday, June 11, 2014

I've been taking photos off and on for the past year or 2 that I haven't posted on the photography blog! ugh! it's been super crazy since my last post!! :( I promise to post about the big update after I post my photos! :) Hope you're all well! :)

Talk to you soon :)

Tuesday, June 4, 2013


Hello bloggers!!!

I swear it's been FOREVER since I've been on here! :( I'm so bad and need to keep up! It's like I only come on here to see how everyone else is and post so here I AM!!! :)

Nothing much has been happening with me just life itself and trying to survive!!! :) No babies yet, still anxiously waiting! I've started to work from home and have more time (well sometimes) to do what I love and that's take pictures! I still have a lot of room to improve and I'm still learning but here are some pictures I've taken  lately. I did a photo shoot with 4 Seniors this year and I loved every single one I did. I also did their invites which turned out great!!! :) First time doing photos for Senior....not too bad! :)

This right here is my little nephew that is my grandparents FIRST great grandchild to graduate from high school and our family is really proud! :) He's come a looooooong way!

Congrat Reecee! Aunty loves you and is so proud to see you graduate!!! :)

Thursday, January 5, 2012

8 MORE DAYS!!! :)

Ooooookay! I'm so done with the DRAMA!!! hahahaha.... Hella Dramatic forreals!
Anyways- Things are coming along GREAT and the wedding is coming FAST!!! :)

I went in for my last fitting for my dress yesterday and my MAID OF HONOR/MY SISTER Tangi came :) I was sooooo happy she came! right when she walked in the door I was excited! :) We put everything on and then she just started snapping away with her phone of my dress!! :) The dress was so pretty and I looooove it! It's such a GORGEOUS DRESS and I can't wait to show it off!! ;) haha...NBFR! I only got one pic from my sister out of the many and it's of the BACK of my dress but I'll post more soon. If not, you'll just have to wait SEE it next Saturday!!! :)

Can't wait to see all of our families and friends!! That's all for now! we come baby!! :)

Sunday, December 18, 2011


When I THINK it's all done with there's ALWAYS something else that needs to be done and I'm so STRESSED OUT!!!! It's not that it's "too much for me to handle" it's just there's so many things I already HAVE TO WORRY ABOUT that when I'm trying to worry about "those things" there's something OR someone screaming or telling what to do in my ear and makes me want to SCREAM and let HELL break loose!!! :( But what's that going to do for me or anyone else??? I never thought it would this hard but then again I never thought that far to where it would be some what "easy"! This wedding is driving me so INSANE but I don't want to feel like I didn't do ENOUGH or feel like..."it wasn't fun enough for everyone..." I just don't know what the frick to do anymore! There's too much going on and we're running out of time!!! :( 

I'm really TRYING to keep it together but at times I can't help it! I just want everything to be READY and DONE WITH already so I can just "SHOW UP", smile, and be happy it got done!!! OMG! Is that too much to ask for?? 

Anyways---- I just needed to vent and thought I'd just write it down!!!

Wednesday, December 14, 2011



It's exactly ONE MORE MONTH until the wedding!! :) Everything is just about done I just need to go to my last fitting for my dress in a couple weeks and take care of the decorations with fili's cousins!!! I can't believe it'll be another Christmas/my last Christmas being "engaged"/Elisa-Leslie "Sweetie-Pie" ATIGA!! LOL! Things are so crazy but I'M WAAAAAAAAAAAY EXCITED!! :) I'll be posting up the making of decorations and my dress...well....MAYBE!!! ;) Wait and See:)

Until next post.....xoxo