Thursday, September 22, 2011


Everyone go and enter to win the give away from Kayleen T Photography :) I've Seen her work and I LALALOOOOOVE IT! Go to her website NOW and enter :)

Good luck ya'll! :)

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Time...where does it all go???

Today I'm sitting at work just thinking about how Summer Time is about to be GONE and how much I'll miss it over the Winter!!! ugh!!! So I found some of my Summer pictures I left hanging in my flash drive and wanted to share!!!.

my #1 photo is of baby cousin and she it a little "chubster"!!!! and she's so chubby and so cute :)

I saw these monkeys at the pool and decided to snap a pic of them!!! ;) I wonder WHERE their parents were!!!! haha....

Gonna miss Rugby season :(

Happy Birthday EMZ... :)

A couple months ago it was EMZ (Early Morning Zumba)'s Birthday and I think they made their ONE YEAR!!! :) Fili's Aunt/2nd mom is SOOOOOO INTO IT and got certified and started teaching her own classes in West Valley and Glendale. I feel so bad because I always wanted to TRY Zumba but NEVER got the guts to do it because I guess I just had the "I'm too cool" attitude and always felt embarrassed to be "shaking my tail feather" in a room FULL OF OTHER POLY WOMAN!!! haha....OMG...I know I'm lame!!! ;) But I want to go NOW because Betsy teaches and she's loss a lot of weight and she looooooks AMAZING!!! :) One day One day I'll be at Zumba Bets NO WORRIES ;)  Keep up the good work!!! :)
Love ya! xoxo

This was Betsy and her kids performance they did for EMZ :) it was so cute and they rocked the house!!! ;)

******GOOOOO BETSY!!!!!******