Sunday, December 18, 2011


When I THINK it's all done with there's ALWAYS something else that needs to be done and I'm so STRESSED OUT!!!! It's not that it's "too much for me to handle" it's just there's so many things I already HAVE TO WORRY ABOUT that when I'm trying to worry about "those things" there's something OR someone screaming or telling what to do in my ear and makes me want to SCREAM and let HELL break loose!!! :( But what's that going to do for me or anyone else??? I never thought it would this hard but then again I never thought that far to where it would be some what "easy"! This wedding is driving me so INSANE but I don't want to feel like I didn't do ENOUGH or feel like..."it wasn't fun enough for everyone..." I just don't know what the frick to do anymore! There's too much going on and we're running out of time!!! :( 

I'm really TRYING to keep it together but at times I can't help it! I just want everything to be READY and DONE WITH already so I can just "SHOW UP", smile, and be happy it got done!!! OMG! Is that too much to ask for?? 

Anyways---- I just needed to vent and thought I'd just write it down!!!

Wednesday, December 14, 2011



It's exactly ONE MORE MONTH until the wedding!! :) Everything is just about done I just need to go to my last fitting for my dress in a couple weeks and take care of the decorations with fili's cousins!!! I can't believe it'll be another Christmas/my last Christmas being "engaged"/Elisa-Leslie "Sweetie-Pie" ATIGA!! LOL! Things are so crazy but I'M WAAAAAAAAAAAY EXCITED!! :) I'll be posting up the making of decorations and my dress...well....MAYBE!!! ;) Wait and See:)

Until next post.....xoxo

Thursday, December 8, 2011


Gz! It's been FOREVER LONG since I've posted ANYTHING!! I feel Horrible but I'm getting around to it! 


I'M GETTING MARRIED!!! :) I so excited and all I've BEEN doing is "wedding stuff" these days since the wedding is so CLOSE!!! We've set the date for January 14th!! We're so excited and ready! :) Things are stressful here and there but Fili always reminds me to "HAVE A GOOD TIME" with it all and that it should be fun and not all stressful! So while we're doing things I keep that in mind! People ask about the "big story" on how Fili asked me to marry him but REALLY.... there is NO STORY! It was just mutual thing for us and we already knew we wanted to get married it was just a matter of time. :) But we're IN LOVE and want to start our lives and be FINALLY MARRIED!! :) 

We pretty much have EVEYTHING DONE too!! :)
We got a Venue and our families will be helping with the food.
Everyone's been asking if we're having a "line" but we didn't want to deal with the boys and girls not having money to buy dresses and tux and them looking at US! So we dropped that idea and set our minds on our nieces and nephews! :) We thought it would be the easiest thing for US and their parents! So we've planned to do my sister's 3 monkeys and Fili's brother's 3 monkeys with his little cousin Ami! hehe:) Their all so excited too!!! After we set that aside our families were saying that we need to have at least a BEST MAN and MAID OF HONOR! So we added them :) My sister ( of course being my ONE and ONLY Sister) and maybe Fili's brother/cousin/or good friend... we'll see...

Since I think I'm SUPER WOMAN and all ( cuz I am...LOL!) I've set my dress shopping aside to do "last" aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand GOSH DANGIT!! ***BAD IDEA*** I just barely went looking for my dress like I was going to just walk in the store and walk right out with it! I WAS SOOOO WRONG on that part!! So now my dress is in alterations and getting done! I'm way exited to see it when it's done!! :)

We took our engagements last week and we'll be getting them SOON :) Like this week! We've been just so anxious to see them and our dear photographer as known as...Omi Masina( has been so great with us and has finished our photos QUICK! We're just so very grateful!!! I'll be sure to post the link up so everyone can see :) We'll also be sending out invites over the weekend which we're very excited for since EVERYONE has been waiting for us to get married! LOL!

WAIT TIL YOU ALL SEE THE DECORATIONS:) Fili's cousins are so talented and has it on LOCK!!! :) 

So... here we go on our journey with planning OUR wedding :) If I don't post anything until the wedding....MARK YOUR CALENDARS AND BE THERE!! :)

***JANUARY 14TH @ the Kearns Rec***


Maybe I'll post a picture of my dress later too :) You'll just have to WAIT and SEE!! :)