Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Our Monthly FHE:)

It was "KIDS HOUR" :)

Our family tries to have a  FHE once a month with all my mom's brothers, sisters, and their kids, and grandkids...whew! You get it? hehe:) So this past Monday we had it at Tangi's new house out in bountiful and everyone loved it! So once I whipped the camera out it was "KIDS TIME":)It's always silly time for the kids when I go over or when I'm with them and I love it! To top it off...they ALL love the camera so it makes MY "job" easier! AUNTY LOVES YOU Ioana, Fatboi, Shawnee, Boobuh, Fatman, Teihirangi, Baby Aiyana, Rubymei, Le'o and Aila and all my other nieces and nephews that didn't make it to monthly FHE!

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