Monday, April 11, 2011

Conference Weekend....

We had such a fun weekend it seemed like a "NEVER-ENDING" because we barely slept AND I WORKED THAT WHOLE WEEKEND but WORTH IT in the end:)
So, I had a lot of family members come into town this past weekend. It was my grandpa, 2 grandmas, my cousin and his little family from Hawaii, my cousin/friend I grew up with...Tui that also came from Hawaii as well, then my first cousins Lota and Rosie came down from Southern California and we all just had a BLAST!!!

We all had a Sunday dinner at my house and we had so much food with good company it was GREAT! I love my family to NO END!:)

First of all my cousins had the "BOMB.COM" hotel at the Marriott...My cousins and I went everywhere IT WAS FUN! We cruised everywhere including Downtown throughout the week/weekend they were here. My cousins had a chance to meet and hang out with Fili and GOSH did they LOOOOVE HIM!:) I'm not going to lie but...he was quiet the ENTERTAINER that weekend:) I loved that he spent the whole weekend with us and one of my cousins' boyfriend and Fili are friends and so it worked out well so we had our "little crew" for the weekend! There were so many laughs and moments we'll never forget! Fili and I are planning to go out to Fontana in next month so it'll be MORE exciting and my pictures will be MORE AMAZING!!!

With everything else: With the weather being very bi-polar out here in UTAH i haven't been taking much pictures OUTDOOR but trust me....I'M WAITING for the sun to come out and STAY OUT! ugh!

"My photoshoot list to-do":
  • I've got a family to shoot very soon and I'm very excited.
  • My nieces and their daddy are coming up at the end of the month and I'm taking "daddy daughter" pictures
  • I have a "mother daughter" shoot to do hopefully soon
Many more to come....



  1. CUTE! thanks for those adorable shots! you've got a great eye...we look forward to following your blog and new pics ♥xoxo...

  2. love you Sarah!! cant wait to see you guys again! AUNTY LOVES YOU CHALAY AND VITA;]