Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Happy Birthday EMZ... :)

A couple months ago it was EMZ (Early Morning Zumba)'s Birthday and I think they made their ONE YEAR!!! :) Fili's Aunt/2nd mom is SOOOOOO INTO IT and got certified and started teaching her own classes in West Valley and Glendale. I feel so bad because I always wanted to TRY Zumba but NEVER got the guts to do it because I guess I just had the "I'm too cool" attitude and always felt embarrassed to be "shaking my tail feather" in a room FULL OF OTHER POLY WOMAN!!! haha....OMG...I know I'm lame!!! ;) But I want to go NOW because Betsy teaches and she's loss a lot of weight and she looooooks AMAZING!!! :) One day One day I'll be at Zumba Bets NO WORRIES ;)  Keep up the good work!!! :)
Love ya! xoxo

This was Betsy and her kids performance they did for EMZ :) it was so cute and they rocked the house!!! ;)

******GOOOOO BETSY!!!!!******

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