Sunday, February 27, 2011


So we HAD to watch this movie and it was such a good one:) we took Fatman and Boobuh (fili's niece and nephew)! to top it off it was in 3D:) it was Fili's FIRST 3D movie so he was amazed and the kids?? They loved it! the glasses were irritating them of course but they loved it! They like Justin Bieber so that day when we got them from daycare we decided to take them to see it:) it was so fun:)


  1. So, you don't know me but my mom knows your mom and we're cousins:) LOL. And we went to school together too, but nevermind that. Anyways, I found your page on Line Tukuafu's page and I was just being curious and came onto your page. Your pictures are really nice :)

  2. hehe:) It's all good girl:) Thanks for stopping by! I got a BIGG fam so HELLOOOO COUSIN/FAMILY;) LOL!

  3. LOL. telllll me about it. i didn't know we were related until my mom asked me about robertooo back in high school. haha she's all "you need to be friends with him because he's your family." haha, funnnny story is though i'm related and close too and grew up with nikki so i only knew of robb from her. haha, anyways great pictures. ill call you to do my wedding, mmk? :)