Sunday, February 27, 2011


Introducing Miss Melevaka...

Melevaka is such a sweet girl and we became friends while I've been working at the Marriott and she's just a character:) AND! we found out we
were RELATED! Fili says I'm related to EVERYONE I meet! I mean GOSH! I have A LOT of family!!!:) We have good times at work and all we do is LAUGH and clown on each other! EVERYDAY is just an "adventure"! LOL! But one day I was telling her I was getting my camera soon and that I wanted to do a shoot with her and with no hesitation she said yes! She was so fun to shoot and I enjoyed every moment. Thank you to my sweet Fili ikunaheatu for helping and coming along and being apart of the shoot! MEL....THANK YOU for letting me work with you I enjoyed every moment and we will be working together AGAIN very soon pretty girl!!!:) Love you doll! XOXO


  1. omg Sweetie-Pie you are a pro!! once I have a kid I'll contact you hehe keep up the great work!!(:

  2. Your pictures are awesome sweets!! Keep up the good work and you'll be doing Robb & I's engagement pics! LOL ;)
    Love ya! ..XoXo..

  3. Thanks Nicole! Maybeee just Maybeee I will! bwhahahah;)
    LoVe you MORE!