Friday, July 8, 2011

The Precious and Adorable....

Here's a little "Sneak Peak" of a ADORABLE babygirl :)

A BIGG THANK-YOU to the best big sister, friend, cousin, all the above...Lota Mataele-Lutui for introducing me to this beautiful babygirl, letting me use your camera, and helping with this fun photoshoot! This was both me and Lota's VERY FIRST Newborn Photoshoot and it turned out just great :)
Another THANK YOU to Mary Lutui (Fusi's Sister) for helping out with baby (along with baby Siu..LOL) :)BIGGEST THANK YOU shout-out to Olaiha and Fusi Ungounga for letting us capture their bundle of joy! Baby Proxy is Lucky to have you both!! :)

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