Monday, July 25, 2011

Santa Monica Pier...MY FOREVER #1 BEACH :)

Santa Monica Beach how I can't wait to see you again! aaaaaaaaahhh...... :) okay I'm dramatic I KNOW but I can't help it! haha...So, whenever I or my family go out to Cali to my cousin Rosie always suggests going to Balboa Beach the night before we leave back home and when we went there for the first time it WAS my favorite beach until I NOW!! My new all time favorite beach is now SANTA MONICA BEACH! OMG! I love it and can't stop thinking about it! aaaaaaaaaahhhhh :) We didn't go during the HOT DAY time but we went at NIGHT and it lit up since they have rides and all that at night so it was beautiful! We went on the "Pacific Wheel" and when we were riding we saw the water and it was just beautiful! I just wanted to drive it! hahaha...yeah right! ;) But it was great being there! I loved everything (besides the FREAKS trying to preach to my cousins n I about GOD FOR $$$??..Who does that?!?) about it! I want to go there again SOON! Rosie said "Muscle Beach" is a good beach too...but I keep asking... "BETTER than my love Santa Monica Beach??!?!?!?" nooooo waaaaaaay!! I'll believe THAT when I SEE IT buddy!! ;) Thanks Rosie for taking us to Santa Monica Beach!!!

Stay Living the "Sweetest Life"!
See yuuuuuuh ;)

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