Wednesday, August 24, 2011

My Happy ending of my DRAMATiC DAY....

So yesterday was just not a good day.... it was up and down and i tried laughing and smiling it off at work and i worked with my bestie...Mele Vete(: I was okay for a couple hours then it hit 230pm 3pm and ALL HELL BROKE LOOSE with me! :/ (Yikes!)

I was just fed up with my whole day and TOP IT OFF... I didnt have a ride home!! :( by the time I was all annoyed about everything I decided to call my Sister thats ALWAYS willing to help in anyway possible! can I just say LIFE-SAVER??! haha...So i ended up taking her Truck to her house and planned to pick her up when SHE was off!! Me being ALL "DRAMATiC"...(what?! LoL!) I just broke down and then asked my sister where her kids were and found out they were HOME! To make my day BETTER I just drove to Tangi's and hung out with them!(: Couple minutes passed and Fili txts and says to pick him up so the kids and I go get him and make our way to pick up Tangi! :) was a a great ride in Tangi's HAAAAAAWT RIDE with the HAAAAAAAAAAWT A.C.! haha.....The whole time I'm driving Shawnee's asking me/telling me she wants to go to "hallywoood!" (Hollywood Connection) then it went from there and she was telling me and Fili what she WANTED to do and I was like..."little gurrrrrl! SIT BACK! I DON'T GOT NO MONEY!" haha....she is just TOO MUCH I ssssswear! (:But when we  got to Tangi's house dinner was being cooked!! (: It was Spaghetti Night and it was OH-SO-DELICIOUS! (:

My day was just so bad and I just needed to RELAX...something I have a hard time doing because I THINK TOO MUCH (that's what Fili says..haha) and sooner or later I'm blowing up...FOR FREE of course because I'M DRAMATIC! But it's fine I mean I can be DRAMATIC right? (; Work, Work, Work and all I NEEDED was a little time with my little monsters and the ones I love most! I'm making it a BETTER A DAY PEOPLE! Dramatic is soooo least TODAY that is (; hahaha(:

Pictures from our ride to Bountiful (:


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  1. Excuse me miss... it wasn't HAWT in my ride! And just so everyone knows my car DOES have AC! LOL. I mean, it only sounds like a bus after stopping but the AC works okay! Mahalo! ;)