Sunday, August 28, 2011


Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaalright...Here it is people!


So, a couple weekends ago Fili and I went to Park City for a quick getaway with his brother Andy and his girlfriend Whitney! Andy has a friend from high school that had a cabin out there that they own and we all just wanted to getaway...."just because"....WE CAN! and so WE figured...why not a weekend at a cabin??? :) It was such a great weekend! The drive was great in Andy's BMW and it was just the 4 of us just cruising! Right when we got there, there was so much to see and it was beautiful with beautiful weather!

While we were driving I thought of the cabin and how it would look and everything since Fili and Andy were saying how it was "BIG" and "BIGGER than the house they live in out in sandy". me being the way I am was saying to myself, "they're dramatic! It's probably a small cabin and were all going to be crushed and HOT in there!" and I was really thinking it was a "small cabin" like the ones at girls camp and being all crushed in there with other dramatic girls! And As soon as we pulled up to the cabin and it was a do I say this?? hmmmm..."CABIN HOUSE??!?!?!" hahaha...It was a Cabin of course but it was HUGE and when you look at the picture it was HUGE and looked like a regualr house! I was so excited I didn't want to SHOW any emotions and "played it off" to Fili like..."THIS IS IT?" hahaha.....I know I'm heeeeeella annoying! But Fili KNEW I was excited and just laughed when he saw my face! Right then I just whipped out my camera and started to SNAP AWAY! When we got in the house Andy took us on a mini-"TOUR" and I loved everything about the cabin and what was in it! Everything was so great and clever! Everything around the house was so cute too!

So many people stay at the family cabin they had a "Guest Book"...One that WE DIDN'T SIGN!!! haha.......*WE FORGOT* but it WON'T be our last time going there ;)

These were the CUTE thing they had around the house during our little tour from the OUTSIDE---->IN :)

 Then it was off to the UPSTAIRS! and they had a little balcony that looks over the living room area...I wish I took pictures of the Bedrooms upstairs but I was too excited and I just took this picture! GOSH! sorry guys! NEXT TIME for sure though ;) And Can I say They had a BUTT LOAD of freaking DVD's.."ALL YOU CAN WATCH"??? ;)Wish I took a pic of that..they had a grip of movies though!.OMG! I'm SO BAD! ugh! *ANYWAYS*

This was the fire place that was in the living room too....

We made our way to the DOWNSTAIRS and let me just tell you THIS FAMILY is BIG TIME U of U fans! SO BIG...that they even had a dang U OF U ROOM! OMG! Crazy huh? and of course I HAD to take a picture! haha...It was amazing! :) Had to take this one for MY Sister Tangi cuz that's all that came to mind right when I walked in! :)  (This was one of the rooms in the Basement!) Aaaaand AGAIN...I Forgot to take a picture of the other bedroom, and the dam downstairs living room that had the tight couches and big screen down there with all the other movies! OMG! *FIRED*

The back of the cabin.... :)

This  building is the the garage/game house! Yes I said *Game Room*!!! Of course I FORGOT to take a picture of that! FREAK! but yeah garage downstairs and upstairs where that window is, is a game room! It had couches, a TV for games and foosball table in it! It was a cute "kickit spot"! :)

Once we had our tour we were waiting for the owners (Andy's Friend's Parents) to get there to open the garage so we could 4-wheel....THAT'S ALL WE HAD ON OUR MINDS :) When they FINALLY got there we met them and they're such a cute, and kind couple! They're names were Janette (I think..haha) and Shawn Hewlett! :)
As soon as we knew it we were up and rolling on the 4-wheelers! I was nervous to ride and even MORE nervous because Fili wanted to drive FIRST and when it comes to Fili and Speed he'll SPEED and never SLOW DOWN! He is just TOO MUCH! ;) We went around while Janette and Shawn followed and showed around. They had family and other families that owned cabins out there as well and it was cute! Even they're parents had a cabin out there that Shawn grew up in with his family! Shawn's great-grandfather I believe bought the land long ago and him and his brothers grew up there and soon all built their own cabins! They have a good and interesting history!

 Can I just say, 4-WHEELING IS THEE BEST EXPERIENCE I'VE EVER HAD by far! :) It was so fun and when I got the hang of the gears and all the yelling from Fili telling me..."YOU'RE DOING IT WRONG BABE!" hahaha....It was all worth it and before I knew it...I WAS SPEEDING AWAY like it was NOTHIN'! ;)

when we got back it was time for a bonfire with Shawn's family next door with our sticks/picks cookies, gram crackers and marshmellows (BTW..the ones we had were HUGE! So huge you could throw it at someone's head! LOL! nbft!)! It was a fun night! :)

We ended our night outdoors with some **STARS** and MAAAAAAAN! The stars out there were AMAZING too!! :) We were SO CLOSE and I wish my camera could take those kind of pictures but couldn't figure it out! ugh! but it was BEAUTIFUL! :) *YOU HAD TO BE THERE* ;)

aaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhh... Thank you Park City for being so good to us:) We will Most Def. go back :)

Thank you Andy for inviting Fili and I to join you and Whitney out in Park City! It was the BEST mini-vacation Fili and I EVER HAD! Thank you to Shawn and Janette for taking care of us! :)

and Thanks for following followers :) Keep being the "Sweetest" ;)

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