Friday, October 14, 2011

Til we meet again in 2 years...We love you Elder Atiga....


As some of you know my brother got called to serve his mission in Anahiem, California back in...I think it was i think... JULY?? Yeah! Well, my family and I finally took him to the MTC on WEDNESDAY! He was so excited and has BEEN excited to go on his mission. He's really come a LONG WAY and has always planned to serve a mission. He's just been a blessing to our family and I'm so proud of him! Over the years we haven't been on the "same page"/ close like he is with my other siblings but at the end of the day he's MY BROTHER and I love him regardless! He's been a great example to all of us! He is also the 2nd grandson that is serving in the mission field in our family. 

He got set a part as a Missionary Tuesday night and sitting in that room while he was getting set a part the spirit was STRONG and he was so happy! He bore his testimony to our family that was there and you could tell he was so ready to go and serve the lord FULL OF ENERGY!

Wednesday we all got up early and started our drive to Provo and ate at Golden Corral as his "last meal" with us. My family went, along with Muka's girlfriend/best friend and her sisters, and Muka's two close friends A.j. and Izzy. All of us "kids" were there but my brother Robert who lives in Arkansas. He was so sad he couldn't make it but we all know he was there in spirit.

Time was just so PRECIOUS for all of us and before we all knew it the time came to finally say our goodbyes :( 

 It was really weird because everyone was crying BUT ME! Well, out of the girls at least. I guess it just hasn't "hit me" that he's really gone but I just knew in my head that he'd be so great out there and that time would go by fast for him and for all of US! I'm just so happy and excited for him! :) I know our heavenly father will continue to bless him on his mission and our family. I'm so blessed to have my family and especially to have been blessed with such wonderful, loving, and caring parents that have raised us to be who we are. I love each and everyone of my siblings to pieces and I would do anything for them!!! Our family is truly blessed!!

God first, famili forever, and nothing else matters!! 

We love you Elder Atiga!

Return with honor my brother. 

Ofa Atu.


  1. such beautiful pictures & family:)

  2. thanks girl and thanks for stopping by :)