Sunday, May 8, 2011

Making memories...:)

It's been such a busy week/weekend it's unbelivable! First of all I just wanted to take the time to wish all the MOTHERS OUT THERE A...HAPPY MOTHERS DAY! Especially MY DEAR MOTHER....Tangikimoana Veisinia Mataele-Atiga. She's such a blessing in my life. My mom and I have been through a lot together and when I say "a lot"...IT'S A LOT! hehe:) I just love her to death she's always willing to help anyone in need especially her families and friends. She's the best in the whole world!


So, this week it's been just college graduations for family members. Fili's two brothers Liuaki and Andrew graduated. Liu graduated from SLCC being a back-to-back SBO President for SLCC. He graduated with his  AA and degree in (i think) International Business Major on Thursday. He had such a GREAT speech along with a inspiring song by R.Kelly-I believe I can. Andrew graduated from the University of Utah Friday with a degree in (if I'm not mistaken) Marketing! My brother-in-law..Matt Asiata also graduated from The University of Utah with a Bachelors degree in Sociology. All three are the FIRST ONES in their families to graduate from college so all families were extremely HAPPY and PROUD of them! Congrats to the college graduates you did it! :)

A lot of pictures will be posted so "dontchU dare" be excited ya'll!!! [[LOL]]

Stay "Sweet" Ya'll!!! :)

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